Akuamma Dosage Guide: How Much to Take

Akuamma Dosage Guide: How Much to Take

Akuamma is an incredible natural pain reliever when used correctly. The most common dosage is 2 – 4 grams but some people have been known to take 6 grams. A good herbalist would advise you to start on the lower end and work your way up little by little until you find the exact proper dosage that works for you. Every body is different.

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Akuamma can be found is raw seeds, ground seed powder and capsules. It is important to use a good digital scale if you are weighing it out yourself as different grinds can have different weights (don’t use a teaspoon!). If you can find it in capsule form (the best way to take it) then the weight per capsule should be readily available to you.

If you take or have taken Kratom in the past your dosage will likely not be the same between the two. Do not use your Kratom dosage as a guideline for your Akuamma dosage as they are completely different herbs.

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